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glasses of green juice for juice fasting
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Virtual Fasting Retreat.

Global Community.

Finally feel how you’ve been wanting to feel for so long.

In one week’s time.

Do you want to experience a profound shift in your digestion, addiction patterns, nervous system, mind and heart? Look no further. THE INITIATION is one of the fastest proven transformational vehicles open to the public today. Past participants have liberally shared - this was the most important decision they made all year.

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We can get all heady about food and health and diet and the body. But wait! Your experience exists in the body, not the mind! GIVE YOURSELF A TRUE EMBODIED EXPERIENCE OF HEALTH and stop clicking on that mindless clickbait of “10 Foods to Eat to Cut Bloating…” You’re worth more than that.


Our work is based around an intent to re-connect to "feeling good". Most people don't actually know what it is to feel good. They wake up in survival mode, reach out for some survival calories, grumble through work, have a few stimulant-based surges (coffee, food, TV), and then go to bed at night with limited nourishment at a deeper level. 


The status quo of the world WILL mislead you. That's why you must learn from yourself - from your own experience. Dive in and EXPLORE how HEALTHY FEELS, because let us tell you - it's UNDENIABLE.

WHY Would I Want To Do This?

green juice for juice fasting

What You Will Get on This Transformative
7-Day Online Retreat

Preparation for THE INITIATION


Phone Support - Pre-during & post-fast consult with a Fasting Mentor


Delicious Recipes - For successful juice cleansing


Preparation Guide - For successful pre-planning


Shopping List - For juicing ingredients



Live Pre/Post-Fast Group Calls - Meet the humans who will guide you through the experience and the amazing one who will walk side by side with you. This is the real game-changer of THE INITIATION vs. other fasting programs: The Caliber of The Community


Daily Video Tutorials - Daily content to help successfully guide you through your cleanse. (15-20 minutes daily video modules that walk you through all the hurdles, emotions and specific information on how to avoid challenges and achieve your results.)


3x 1:1 Private Mentorship Calls - With our extensively-trained fasting coaches. You’ll be stunned at how well they see you and how they inspire you to continue and transform.


Recorded Live Lectures - Demonstrations on pre-fast meal as well as guided enema therapy - you will conquer that fear!


Resource Library - Includes the latest fasting information and scientific studies on the effects of fasting.


Private Membership - Instant online access to all of the above when you enroll in the program.


Yoga Classes - Including meditation to help you restore and relax during your cleanse.


Online Store - Get our recommendations on products for successful cleansing.

juice fasting participants holding hands ready to fast

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Educational content - live calls, videos, online classes, handouts, and more...


One-week guided, transformational online juice fasting 


Pre, during, and post fast online support


10 Days preparation guide and videos


Do not believe me, "verify me” and “empower yourself”. Two powerful approaches used by Andrea during the week long detox fasting I undertook in Ubud with Andrea in October 2014. It changed my life.

- Jose Tiexeiria

Indonesian Politician & Australian Lawyer

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