Guided Online Fasting Experience. International Community. Come Back to your Centre.

Feel Alive Again. Conquer Food Craving. Enhance Your Life! 


Highly-driven millennials looking to “level-up” in their blindspots. You, perhaps?


A one-week transformational juice fasting retreat


From the comfort of your very own home


Read below!

If you want to experience a profound shift in your health, in your own surroundings, from the luxury of your home, then THE INITIATION is guaranteed to give you what you want. This may be the most important thing you ever do for yourself. 


Here's why: we can get all heady about food and health and diet and the body. But wait! Your experience exists in the body, not the mind! GIVE YOURSELF A TRUE EMBODIED EXPERIENCE OF HEALTH and stop clicking on that mindless clickbait of “Foods to Eat to Cut Bloating…” You’re worth more than that.


Our work is based around an intent to re-connect to "feeling good". Most people don't actually know what it is to feel good. They wake up in survival mode, reach out for some survival calories, grumble through work, have a few stimulant-based surges (coffee, food, TV), and then go to bed at night with limited nourishment at a deeper level. 


The status quo of the world WILL mislead you. That's why you must learn from yourself - from your own experience. Dive in and EXPLORE how HEALTHY FEELS, because let me tell you - it's UNDENIABLE


FYI - THE INITIATION is The Institute For Aliveness’ non-profit to uplevel humanity. Last year, 78% of our profit was donated to those in need on a journey of self-discovery. We offer scholarships and reinvest in projects in developing countries, employing people of color from diverse backgrounds. 




Support this Mission by joining THE INITIATION for only

 €297 or 3 installments of €88

Here's a Taste of What You Will Get on This Transformative 7-Day Online Retreat

Preparation for THE INITIATION

✓ Preparation Guide

For successful pre-planning

✓ Shopping List

For juicing ingredients

✓ Delicious Recipes

For successful juice cleansing

✓ Phone Support

Pre-fast consult with a Fasting Mentor


✓ Live & Pre-Recorded Videos

One of each daily, to help successfully guide you through your cleanse. (15-20 minutes daily video modules that walk you through all the hurdles, emotions and specific information on how to avoid challenges and achieve your results.) 


✓ Yoga Classes

Including meditation to help you restore and relax during your cleanse.


✓ Online Store

Get our recommendations on products for successful cleansing.


✓ Live Recorded Training

Demonstrations on pre-fast meal as well as guided enema therapy - you will conquer that fear!


✓ Resource Library

Includes the latest fasting information and scientific studies on the effects of fasting 


✓ Private Membership
Instant online access to all of the above when you enroll in the program.

Why Juice Fasting?



I know, I know, we can see your food addiction from a mile away! But in the end, nothing tastes as good as healthy feels. And the millennial generation has to get its act together, or cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and auto-immune diseases are right around the corner.


This is why we started "THE INITIATION." To teach Millenials the most important survival skill of all: self-healing and disease prevention. This retreat has proven to give participants the exact results you've been waiting for. We aim to redefine health not merely as absence of disease, but rather as “Living with Maximum Vitality.” 


When does it start?

We have one coming up soon. You could put it off for a rainy day. But hey, we know how you work, it would probably never get done. Seriously, all this takes is one simple commitment to yourself. It’s not a financial thing, because you’ll save money on food. So take a leap of faith in your body and get excited for the learning that’s just around the corner. There will be a team of fasting experts to support you, as well as a curated group of individuals from all over the world, going through the experience alongside you. Cool, huh?


Private Online Community

Share your process and be inspired by others in our private online community

Make lifelong connections with like-minded people.

Receive support in the community to be supported by Fasting Mentors

Post daily videos to share your experience

Watch daily live videos and get personal video feedback from Dr. Andrèa Paige

Deepen your dialogue about what it means to live a healthy life

Get burning questions answered - about fasting or general health - in your own thread

Self Reflection, Tools & Practices

✓ Daily assignments

Exercises to self-reflect throughout your journey


✓ Journalling

To track your own experience and your health metrics


✓ Writing prompts

To help process feelings that come up during fasting


✓ Reflective worksheets
To integrate fasting as a practice into your life



✔ Reintegration Guide

Full instruction and guidance notes to support you post-cleanse 


✔ Commitment to Change

Commit to 10 things that you will do differently to reprioritize your health


✔ Accountability

Post-fast group call 10 days after to keep you on track


✔ Post-fast Food Guide
Including Food Combining Lecture to help you with the refeeding process

Specialist Support


Direct to Dr. Andréa Paige and her highly-trained team of fasting specialists

Daily check-ins for maximum accountability during the cleanse

Nearly 24/7 dedicated support by message, phone or email

Post-fast follow-up calls and ongoing support to keep you on track

But Wait! There's more...

Register now, and you'll get these exclusive gifts absolutely free...


Guide Book

A special, unrealized-to-the-public Detox Guidebook that supports you during your cleanse and beyond. This is a comprehensive look into detoxification for all who enjoy a read, and for those who want to dive in and dissect all the gold from THE INITIATION.

MP3 Meditation & Yoga Downloads

MP3 Meditation & Yoga Downloads to help you relax and restore during your retreat and in your daily life. You can load them onto your iPod or MP3 Player so that you can apply these practices on the go.



A chance to receive an astrology reading download from Andréa (If you're one of the first 5 people to register for your month below!)

What goes on?

During this 7-day juice cleanse, we're going to look at ourselves deeply, examine how we live, how we think and what patterns and social conditioning have been unconsciously running our lives. Fasting gives us the clarity required to undo that which doesn't fit with whom we hope to become and where we want to go in life. 


This is a program where everyone rises together. We, as a unit, expand awareness of what’s possible and what it means to be human. In practical terms - you’ll learn vital emotional intelligence skills and undergo a profound journey of self-reflection. Whoever you are, wherever you are on your journey, this space will provide you with the tools and mirror you need to elevate your life. Heck, even Oprah and Deepak would find great benefit. (Someone tell them we’ll give them a 2-for-1 deal!)


  • Join a Revolutionary preventative health program to boost your immunity

  • Use these 7 days to reflect on yourself and your life

  • Tune into online interactive lectures – only available to action-takers like you!

  • Live-stream Q&A sessions, so all your questions get answered!

  • Meet a priceless community of friends & mentors

  • Give your digestive system the rest it’s been asking for. You’ll win an Olympic gold medal for pooping afterwards, no doubt.

How can I be sure this INITIATION thing is for me?


✓ Get CLARITY of purpose on what you want from life

✓ Begin to strategize a path forward for a disease-free life and expanded mind

✓ Feel f*cking vital…!

✓ Come face to face with your food addiction

✓ Take off the mask you wear for society and let your authentic RADIANCE shine through

✓ Learn to master your energy in all environments (work, play, home, family)

✓ Be a part of a community; unconditional acceptance in a group who will love you

✓ Reset your digestive system and boost your immune system

✓ Believe in yourself again and overlook other’s expectations

✓ Reconnect to a system of wholeness

✓ Redefine health and success on YOUR terms

✓ Leave procrastination behind, be held ACCOUNTABLE, and get your life back on track

✓ Gain discipline over food cravings and better understand this thing we call “eating”

✓ Stop suppressing and truly FEEL (you’ve been taught “if it hurts, hide it”, right?)

✓ Revitalize and deepen the ultimate relationship with YOU

✓ Take control and unleash your inner power NOW!

Meet our INITIATION Team

Andréa Paige, ND, MSc, E-RYT 500

“BioHacking Epigeneticist” a master of lifestyle medicine. Andréa travels the world empowering people to take their health back into their own hands. With a Bachelor's in Globalization and Political Economy, a Master's in Ethnobotany and a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, she is what you call a "polymath". She's a master of many subjects in different areas of life. She's traveled to 100+ countries and speaks 7 languages. (Yea, we think it's pretty cool too.) Her interdisciplinary approach is what shapes our innovative curriculum.


Andréa was born to be a teacher, and students say just being around her makes you feel more alive. For 4 years, she directed Wellness at the renowned Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali. For the past decade, Andréa worked guiding people through transformative fasting retreats. She launched the Holistic Health Coach Training Program to teach people the wealth of interdisciplinary knowledge and revolutionary thought she gained over 15 years of study and self-awareness.

More Fasting Mentors...



Laura empowers people to make lasting changes in their lives on many levels through creating heartfelt connections and providing practical support. In exploring the tools of fasting through her own experience, she has received many healing benefits, including peace and clarity of mind. 


Having recently worked at a detox center in Thailand, Laura has hands-on experience in supporting people through fasting. She has years of experience supporting people stopping smoking and empowering them to reflect on their addictive behaviours.


Now back in Europe, interaction face-to-face and online are platforms to educate people on how they can tap into maximum health. Through studying healing diets, naturopathy, and Hatha Yoga, she continues to delve deeper into how we can heal our own bodies, and live with a greater sense of vitality and joy in our daily life. 







Andréa and other special guests will support your success throughout your cleansing journey. There will also be our beloved "fasting mentors", people who have cleansed and healed with us several times before, like Greyson. They will be like older siblings, showing you the path! Then, of course, there will be people just like you - cleansing and joining the community for the very first time (they'll be nervous too!). 


Apply to be a mentor: cleanse with Andréa twice and introduce a friend to fasting to be eligible for a lead position. Please register your interest below to receive more information.


It's a fully online program. One Week. Cleanse with us during this period & tune in daily. YES, you CAN do it while you're working! You don't need to go on retreat. THE INITIATION has made cleansing wellness more possible in your everyday life! You’ll need about one hour total each day to do your self-assignment, post your video, watch the daily video and any others in the group. You can do all of this while you make juice! Then -optional- another hour of yoga/meditation practice, which you’ll find you naturally wake up early for! Though, for best results, we advise at least 2-3 hours of “you” time between 6 am-10 pm for optimal success. With that said, we’ve worked with Fortune 500 execs who were flying all over the world during the week, and even they THRIVED.

When? The Time is NOW!

Don’t worry - we’re not starting quite yet… But now is the time to jump off the ledge of the fear holding you back from what you will become. If you’ve read this far, you know there’s truth in these words.


There is no better time to come back to you. There will always be a reason to put it off. You've heard about fasting for so long. This is YOUR invitation to try. Take it. (You CAN do it, we promise.) Thousands have walked this path before you.


Have the courage to CHALLENGE THE STATUS QUO ON HEALTH. What you've been told isn't working.


THINK DIFFERENTLY ABOUT YOUR POTENTIAL. Rethink everything you've been told about your health.


WE WANT TO SHOW YOU HOW POWERFUL YOU ARE... Believe in yourself again. Remember what a joy it is to be alive. 


And oooh! How lovable your body is!

Can’t afford to join our program?


Start here by listening to a free DIY fasting podcast Andréa recorded years ago in Bali. Or check out the Institute For Aliveness Facebook video archive for many fasting lectures. Also, if you are in financial struggles, please write us. We give scholarships every month.”

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