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Khar Wei is an aspiring fasting coach, mentor and educator of full-spectrum preventative health to awaken and actualize the Art of healthy living.

Having learnt and practised fasting over many years, benefited tremendously from greater health in the body, clarity of the mind and deeper alignment with personal core truth. He returns to this Initiation mentorship space to share, journey and guide others in the transformative journey. Holding an open-inquiring exploratory space of one's personal fasting experience, life pattern and inner truth over the initiation week.

Khar Wei guide Initiation fasters to reconnect, listen, trust and love their innate body wisdom throughout. Deepening their self-honesty, connection and transformation on all Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit levels. Ultimately, deeply reconnecting with one's individual Authentic Being in the Journey of Becoming throughout the Initiation week and the many years of life to come.

Khar Wei Lee

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