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I was diagnosed with chronic migraine following a car crash in nov 2015 – i had never suffered from migraine before but gradually the headaches/photosensitivity and dizziness got worse. I am currently here in India to practice meditation and learn self healing techniques as I refuse to believe what western doctors have told me back at home, that this is most likely a condition for life. Whilst my strong migraine prevention medication allows me to function much better, I plan to come off the meds on my return to the UK as I don’t want to be on medication for the rest of my life/long periods of time. I heard about Andrea through a recommendation and discovered she was here in Rishikesh and able to meet. As soon as we spoke on the phone I knew she was going to be able to help me, and meeting in person the next day just cemented this even more. She has a huge amount of knowledge and experience which she incorporated into a comprehensive 6 week plan for me to follow whilst coming off my meds on my return to the uk, however it was our conversations prior to this that made her worth every penny. Andrea was able help me to understand what was happening to me and why, and to view my condition in a much more positive light. She reassured me that coming off my toxic medication was necessary and important and encouraged me to listen and connect with my body more, whilst explaining ways for me to do this. She even gave me some great advice on how to treat my tennis elbow as well as access to loads of great healthy recipes that will be useful for my 6 week plan and beyond! I highly recommend working with Andrea, she is professional, insightful, compassionate and empowering. I feel very hopeful about my future and all the more determined to beat my migraines! Thank you Andrea – I will definitely be signing up to one of your fasting retreats in the future!

- Sarah, Buchanan, UK

My experience in Nada Yoga is marked in my mind as one of the most directly transformative events of my life. The class builds from and touches that deepest emotional core, the part of each of us that is connected; our shared humanity. It is an opportunity to explore ourselves as deeply connected and inseparable parts of an indeterminate whole. It has given me renewed faith in the common good as well as hope for a better tomorrow; which is hardly something to overlook. In times of increasing antagonism and polarization the world desperately needs classes like this. Thank you Andrea for providing a glimpse of what good people are capable of. I will forever be grateful.

- Brad Mosell

In April 2014 i was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and for the past two years I have been struggling with finding a cure. Like many patients with UC i was prescribed medication by medical doctors that i was told i would have to take for the rest of my life. Not being one that is big on medicine, i quickly sorted out other options to help rid me of this disease. A year ago i started doing research on holistic medicine and came across a couple of doctors in New York City. It wasn’t long before I realized these doctors weren’t capable of helping me. They knew just as much, or less, as i did about my condition. I was left with no choice but to return to the hands of medical doctors. I gave up all hope on finding a natural cure for this disease; until last week, when I decided to book a trip to Bali and visit Andrea. Andrea exceeded all of my expectations. She was patient, kind and asked all of the necessary questions that helped us narrow down the cause of my condition. After helping me realize the cause, she wrote out a well written plan on the steps i would have to take to begin my natural healing journey. As if helping me get a handle on my condition was not enough, Andrea also helped me come to terms with the fact i am not my disease and this is only a phase of my life. To some, that may not mean much, but to me, it meant the world; because from the day i found out i had a chronic disease i felt hopeless and defeated. All in all, Andrea was fantastic and I would recommend her to anyone, in a heartbeat. I am so thankful for you, Andrea.

- Mai, New York City/Korea

Do not believe me, verify me” and “empower yourself”. Two powerful approaches used by Andrea during the week long detox fasting I undertook in Ubud with Andrea in October 2014. It changed my life. Learning about dietary sanitation from Andrea was the most liberating and self empowering process I have personally undergone with anyone, anywhere! I lost 9 kilos in 1 week and felt better physically than I ever felt. In the next three months I lost another 8 kilos of weight. I have kept it off and physically do things I have not done got decades. I have for the last 2 years been able to run 5-8 kilometres 5 times a week or more sometimes, time permitting. I am 52 this year and had been unable to jog since I was 35 years old. All my previous issues with sciatica, knee joint problems, shoulder and neck pains : all disappeared. I attribute this to the raw food based approach I became empowered to discover. But mostly to learn that if you fall down today, tomorrow is a different day and start again. Thank you Andrea! I can supply before and after shots.

- Jose Tiexeira, Indonesian Politician and Australian Lawyer

I was very impressed with the cleanse, and I think I can now say that it has changed my life and continues to do so. I’ve changed my diet since, and am finding myself more and more interested in the impact of diet and gut health to our overall health and well-being. I’ve always been interested in yoga, wellness, nutrition and gut-health, but having experienced the effects first hand has made a huge difference.

- Suvi, Bali

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have sparked my life-energy back to flames. I want to live life fully. This is a life-celebration program. Thank you for being so inclusive and welcoming for whatever comes up. Thank you Andi, I am grateful to be in your presence.

- Amanda, Swede

When Andréa talks, she commands the stage. We got acquainted by didn’t really get to hang-out – I wish we did. She really impressed me as a formidable force of nature. She educates, she re-molds public thinking about outdated beliefs in health. She is the new iconoclast redefining the neo paradigm on what it means to lead a life full of vitality. She is globally in demand. I would welcome the chance to work with her in the future. I am all-out to take her as my guru

- Gigit, The LoneRider

Andréa is an extraordinary, talented, experienced and knowledgeable facilitator. She shared fully with us, with a deep personal feeling of care and love – Thank you!!

Andréa’s knowledge & warmth kept me encouraged & inspired to continue my journey ~ loving my whole being. I felt so supported and able to express how I felt. Andréa was always available and so full of knowledge (& not just intellectually!)

- Kate, Yoga Teacher, Australia

To The Doubters of the Virtual Juice Cleanse…

I will tell you, no one doubted the ability to be successful more than me. I had wanted to do this for a few years, but was able to come up with as many excuses as possible. How can I not eat a morsel of food? What happens when Im too weak to exercise? How will I navigate my everyday life without food? Well let me tell you…. the fasting part is easy, it’s the returning to food that is challenging me. When you put some trust in yourself, and then open your heart to new experiences, Andi and Adam take you thru a week of transformation. Your brain is given the ultimate work out…your body is fine..actually even better than fine. I haven’t felt this good in years…and the flat belly is something to be proud of. No more inflammation in the joints! Andi’s daily ‘pep talks’, were amazing..full of wisdom and knowledge. Included in the daily chats there was resources for meditating, music listening, and a at home yoga class. The community support from fb was very helpful, as we all struggle in a different way, and the sharing is super beneficial. And if you're a non-techie, Adam is the guru support person that will navigate for you. Don’t doubt, just do it….as the way my body and brain are feeling just 2 days off is a wonderful new sensation. 

-Molly, USA

Andrea is the one person who has most specialized knowledge in everything that’s happening between our lips and our anus. this knowledge is not only theoretical (even though she’s a great speaker and author as well) but most convincingly practical. her methods simply work.

- Liina Klauss, Germany/Hong Kong, Artist

"Amazing. Day 0- daunting. But a group of absolute angels look after you and there is no need to look back. I have learnt a wealth of knowledge about true health and about my own willpower and desire to learn so much more.""


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