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Why Juice Fasting?

I know, I know, we can see your food addiction from a mile away! But in the end, nothing tastes as good as healthy feels. And the millennial generation has to get its act together, or cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and auto-immune diseases are right around the corner.


This is why we started "THE INITIATION." To teach Millenials the most important survival skill of all: self-healing and disease prevention. This retreat has proven to give participants the exact results you've been waiting for. We aim to redefine health not merely as absence of disease, but rather as

“Living with Maximum Vitality.”

When Does It Start?

We have one coming up soon. You could put it off for a rainy day. But hey, we know how you work, it would probably never get done. Seriously, all this takes is one simple commitment to yourself. It’s not a financial thing, because you’ll save money on food. So take a leap of faith in your body and get excited for the learning that’s just around the corner. There will be a team of fasting experts to support you, as well as a curated group of individuals from all over the world, going through the experience alongside you. Cool, huh?

Green juice fasting
Journaling, fasting
Fasting retreat, yoga, self-care

More Benefits


Share your process and be inspired by others in our private online community.


Receive support in the community to be supported by Fasting Mentors.


Make lifelong connections with like-minded people.


 Post daily videos to share your experience.


Watch daily live videos and get personal video feedback from Dr. Andrèa Paige.


Get burning questions answered - about fasting or general health - in your own thread.


Deepen your dialogue about what it means to live a healthy life.

Self Reflection, Tools & Practices

Journaling, fasting, juice fast
yoga, fasting retreat, meditate

Writing Prompts - To help the feelings that come up during fasting


Reflective Worksheets - To integrate fasting as a practice into your life.


Journaling - To track your own experience and you health metrics.


Daily Assignments - Excercises to self-reflect throughout your journey.


How To Break Fast Safely


Reintegration Guide- Full instructions and guidance notes to support you post-cleanse.


Commitment to Change - Commit to 10 things that you will do differently to reprioritize your health.


Accountability - Post-fast group call 10 days after to keep you on track.


Post-fast Food Guide - Including Food Combining Lecture to help you with the refeeding process.

Fasting, vegetable juice, self-care
juice fast, fruit juice, fasting, green juice

Specialist Support

To Meet Your Needs

Fasting, Journaling, self-care, Fasting retreat, mentor,
guided fasting retreat, mentor, supported fasting

This program is guided by Naturopath Andréa Paige and a highly-trained team of multi-lingual fasting specialists


Daily check-ins for maximum accountability during the program


Nearly 24/7 dedicated support by message, phone or email


Post-fast follow-up calls and ongoing support to keep you on track


Register now, and you'll get these exclusive gifts absolutely free...

Juices, fruit, vegetables, fasting, juice fasting

Detox Guide Book

A special, unrealized-to-the-public Detox Guidebook that supports you during your cleanse and beyond. This is a comprehensive look into detoxification for all who enjoy a read, and for those who want to dive in and dissect all the gold from THE INITIATION.

Self-care, fasting, yoga, meditation

MP3 Meditation & Yoga Downloads

MP3 Meditation & Yoga Downloads to help you relax and restore during your retreat and in your daily life. You can load them onto your iPod or MP3 Player so that you can apply these practices on the go.

Astrology, fasting, The Initiation

Astrology Reading

A chance to receive an astrology reading download from Andréa (If you're one of the first 5 people to register for your month below!)

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